When You Love

When You Love

Pride has no place if you truly love someone.

They say we should use our head each time we love… but doesn’t that contradict the very purpose of it?

When you love, you love.

All the good

All the bad

All the quirks

You embrace all of it

And love it

You do not choose

You do not impose

You do not demand

You do not count the wrongs

You do not ask so many questions

Because things will never be fair

Because it is all a risk

Because at some point, things will surely get confusing and ugly

Still we must be willing to take it

If in the end we end up hurt, lost, wounded

At the very least, we have loved

And that’s all that matters

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Why The Old Me Is Still So Much Better

All the Zen philosophies I have embraced for that past year… well… it was some experience; but I decided I won’t be having any of it, not anymore.

I tried, really… to be this Gandhi-like guy who is passive and dependent on the karmic forces doing all the chores in making the world go round while I just smile, watch sunsets, and drink tea. And it was, at some point, fun, even fulfilling… but reality, the bitch that she is, have had enough of it and slapped me in the face for some wake-up call.

I’m an asshole, a slut, and an acid-tongued bitch. That’s who I am and I should deal with it.
It’s in my genes; I was hard-wired to be one and no matter how hard I try not to be one, I always end up being one. And if that doesn’t convince you… I’ll put it simply.Yeah, I like it better when I’m like my old self. Stronger, bolder, better in any sense.

I’m not exactly evil, that’s for sure. I still have some moral fiber in me. Limitations still uh… limit everything I say and do. I do firmly believe in the goodness of every human being, that we should do our part in maintaining equilibrium in this plane, that the world ain’t that a terrible place, really, and that there should be a continuous struggle for balance in everything that I do… it’s just that:

1. I can’t put up with shit anymore. If it’s shit, it’s shit. End of story.
2. I aim for much, much bigger things— I am for certain not settling for mediocrity and I need the bravado, the chutzpah, the attitude, and the guts to trample all adversities.
3. I cannot fight evil with good. I am for the general welfare of this world… but when dickheads come around and try to mess with things, I don’t intend to fight back with flowers and rainbows when zweihanders can do the job.
4. Payback is so much fun. Revenge is not ours, it’s God’s so they say… Nah. There will be times you need to realize that you are actually God’s vehicle for revenge. Awesome.
5. I hate the drama— Issues, being emotional and all, ugh.

And yeah, being the good ol’ me doesn’t even come with an effort. I simply kick-ass.

25 Kick-ass things I learned From My 25 Years of Kicking-Ass (Part I of III)

Quarter a century years old.

One could say that at this age a person is already at the prime of his youth— already in full bloom (and ripe for the picking, if you know what I mean).

Twenty-five marks a significant milestone in everyone’s lives. My good friend told me once that it is true: something changes in you upon reaching this point in your life. True enough, this is a period where you have established your core values, the basis of every mindset and decision you make from hereon. You have a definite idea of who and what you are— your limits, your strengths, your potentials yet to be tapped. You are still a work in progress nevertheless you are fully armed and able to evoke change making an actual contribution to the world. There is still the fire of idealism yet you have gradually reconciled it with reality, that some things can be changed and some cannot… but you are still hoping to be the person you have imagined yourself to be eight years ago.

I am twenty-five, and there is still a long way to go.

Yet life has taught me some extremely valuable things over the years. Some I already knew but had to experience it myself to really understand what it was all about. Others I have seen through vicarious experience and dutiful listening to the wise. The rest I did not see coming and had to deal with them the hard way (and I mean HARD). This is not a surefire formula to attain success or to win the Miss Universe pageant or to go to heaven but I am sharing these especially to my dear students as something to ponder upon… and if you want to increase your survival rate in this world.

1.       Be helpful… only AT THE RIGHT MOMENT

  • Do not get me wrong on this one. I absolutely abhor people who do not lift even a single finger to help people in need. Like some of my students who say “There are others who are willing to do it anyway” or “I’m kinda in the middle something right now” or “I simply do not want to help.” (You people know who you are and thanks for making the world more hellish than it should be.)
  • My point is- You are not Superman. You only have limited resources, time, and capabilities. And while this is not an excuse for you to refuse somebody in need or to give less than what you can really give; this should make you be more discerning when providing aid: “Will I really help and not aggravate the situation? Will there be more who will be benefited than harmed? Will my assistance ACTUALLY YIELD RESULTS? Am I needed in the first place?” If not, your effort is a waste. The thought and intention of helping is nice but the end-result is what matters at the end of the day.


 2.       Learn to say NO

  • Peer pressure is almost impossible to resist. Numerous times we  give in to the coaxing, incessant cajoling, and charming persuasions to do this and that. While this isn’t entirely bad,  there are times  necessitating you to turn the other cheek and walk away.  I have succumbed to peer pressure  in the name of “friendship”, camaraderie, or reconciliation and the negative impacts it had one me were titanic. Worse, I alone would have to suffer the consequences! (tears) Only recently did I learn that to say NO does not make you a bad person at all. You have all the right in the world to decline especially if what you are about to do is an outright abomination or sheer idiocy.

3.       Be yourself. ALWAYS

  • Hmmm… how should I put this without being too Vanessa Hudgens (I got to go on and be who I ammmmmmm …) or Demi Lovato (this is me, this is real…. Grrraaahhh!!!)? I guess you really have to be schmaltzy with this. Fact: There is no point TO BE NOT who you truly are. I cannot continue sugarcoating this to my students (because I am soooo fed up ad nauseam to the “I-am- wearing- a mask-pretending-to-be-someone-else” drama) so here it is, THE WORLD IS UNFAIR. DEAL WITH IT, my darlings. With our standards of beauty, intelligence, and other societal criteria of who’s desirable or not, people are conditioned to be eternally insecure— I am too a bit, until now. But unless you cannot accept the fact that someone will always be better, hotter, or sexier than you, you cannot enjoy the perks (not of being a wall flower) of being just simply, errr… you. Is lying to yourself for the rest of your life just to get shallow approval and admiration worth it? If you really think about it, it’s not so bad being you. Just work on what you have and do not be a prick. You’ll do perfectly fine.

4.        Crap Stinks. Period

(refer to my previous blog entry…)

5.       Tame your tongue

  • I used to have the ‘I-don’t-care-as-long-as-I’m-being-real’ attitude once too. Having come into full terms with myself, I vowed to be an avatar of honesty no matter what. Being you is being real in the first place as I would have put it then. It was a disaster. True, I did speak out my mind. I was being honest, too damn honest that I lost the very thing which has kept me from the biggest troubles all these years: discretion.  I just said whatever the hell I wanted and did not apologize for it: I was just being true was my justification. Take it or leave it. And there, true enough, I realized later then that all along I wasn’t really being real. I was being crass, cheap, and a total drama queen.  I hurt people. It didn’t really make me happy, proud or prove my point.
  • Honesty is still a big deal for me… only that now I know better: Especially if you’re not contributing anything to a solution or concession, if what you are about to say is downright in-your-face insulting, or your prattling is just so damn irritating to the ears, LEARN TO SHUT UP.

6.       Embrace your past- completely

  • We all had issues in the past and we have had our own ways on dealing with them. Some deliberately erased them from memories; some compensated them through some kind of an atonement; some pretended it never happened; and some attempted to undo them (what the!?). We all have reasons for such: out of shame and guilt, mostly. I myself have done things which I am not proud of. And thinking about those now make me cringe and hate myself for the rest of my life. “Why was I so stupid, desperate, and selfish?” And this is where soap operas and Japanese anime enter the picture to save the day.  Watching them taught me that no matter how dark, ugly, or painful your past is, embrace it with all your heart— not because you cannot do anything to undo them anyway, but because all of those are already a part of who and what you are now. Good or bad, they have all contributed to the totality of your existence as of the present and you cannot truly be one with yourself without accepting them… (sappy ending song follows)

Etiquette for Bullies (Must Love Them)

Even before Cinderella got her fairy-tale ending; before the ugly duckling became a beautiful swan; and before Venus Raj made her major-major 4th-runner up finish in the Ms. Universe,  they were all just the same— simpletons who were desperately trying to create a mark, make it big, and find their happy ever after ending someday.

And along their journey to greatness; they were all there too, of course- the people who incessantly executed every abuse, sabotage, and mockery to our hopefuls to make them feel how pitiful, loathsome, and useless they are. But now that these poor people have overcome their demons and found their own star, they still need to give tribute somehow to the girl who used to poke at her nose; to the boy who made sure to ridicule every bone in his body (including his name), and to the teacher who always told him/her they’ll never be good enough: Yes, THE BULLIES. Why? Because part of their success they definitely owe to them. Because if it weren’t for their constant heckling and intimidation, they probably wouldn’t have strived and learned how to be strong and believe in themselves.

So you’re a bully I see- or somebody who wants to be one. I don’t know what you’re reasons are exactly but allow me to present the art of being an effective, efficient, and a powerful bully- with a touch of class of course. But firstly, you need to be equipped with these  five essential things:

  1. Absence of conscience
  2. A bitter past
  3. Envy and insecurity
  4. An insatiable flair for drama and attention
  5. An attitude with a capital A.

Five requirements: Check! Now we’re ready to begin.

  1. Never, ever feel any guilt– The mere fact that you decided to let hell loose and make the lives of the people around you miserable require you to stomach watching their faces writhing in agony, their tears flowing like it’s never going to end, and their mouth bleeding with a broken lip. On the contrary, you SHOULD be enjoying the view.
  2. Always make ways to show how pathetic the target is– Remember, bullies are insanely insecure and envious people who cannot accept the fact that some people have what they desire but alas, cannot possess. Therefore you should make them feel that whatever beauty, talent, or intelligence they have do not make them a cut above the rest. Instead, make them feel it is their fault that they possess such boon and because of it, they are to be punished by eating alone in the cafeteria, not getting any group mate in the class activity, or be the subject of nasty gossip- and deal with it.
  3. Own the spotlight- always-. You are a bully and you should be the star. Anybody who tries to steal the thunder, unwittingly or not, should face your and your minions’ wrath.   (I almost forgot to tell, bullies have minions who do not possess any balls or intelligence or both.) Why break a nail when people are willing to do the dirty task of dispatching garbage?
  4. Always have the “bully look”- How can you intimidate when you don’t look like one in the first place? For girls, an arched eyebrow (either left or right) is a must. For boys, merging your eye brows can give the message that you’re displeased or just simply looking for a fight- and all these poor weaklings will scamper or devise ways to stop an impending tantrum.
  5.    Be manipulative– This may seem to be the hardest, nevertheless the ultimate skill you need to learn before getting the respect of your fellow bullies. You are a bully. It means you have personal, family, or societal issues you cannot resolve so you find ways to realize your evil intentions by of course- devising methods such as lies, trickery, blackmailing… the list is endless. You definitely have to put your signature move. Copying others’ schemes is so trying hard.

These are but the basics. On a final note, always take this very important consideration in mind: There will always be these strong-willed people who will try in their every ounce of power to protect these weaklings and maintain the balance of power in school. There will be people whose knees won’t shake when you do the evil eye, or not step aside when you stride in the hallway with your cronies; or report you (ugh, what a bore) to the proper authorities to make sure you don’t get away with your mischiefs. You need to eliminate them first. How? That’s completely up to you. These people whom you victimize will soon be the next big thing in the industry (this is guaranteed) and you are very much aware that you are going to grow up a hater and a loser someday; so now that they’re still defenseless savor every moment darkening their days. Who knows? You might drag them to the pits of bitterness where you are now.

Good luck spreading hate, despair, and fear!