My Top Cartoon/Animated Characters of All Time. (Part I)

P.S. I do not know what’s the difference between cartoons and anime (One is American, the other Japanese?) please do tell if you know.

I grew up with cartoons/anime. I may not had the penchant for PBA or WWF but I have fought with my parents over the remote because I am suicidal If ever I miss an episode. Back then when internet was just a myth and if you missed an episode (Aiiiyyeee!!!! The horror!!!), you would have to finish the whole series and wait for months for a replay (especially the Japanese animes). Even if I’m twenty-four (What? You thought I was 29? Wait, lemme have your coffee back, I forgot to put some sugar [potassium nitrate] in it), I occasionally  scan online and view the latest series… though my heart is left back in the nineties where shows were just awesome and bombastic (never mind if the plot is predictable).

Animes/Cartoons (why do I keep on putting a slash on these?) have been a part of my childhood. BIG TIME. I role-played some of them, made sketches with alternate costumes and abilities, and even tried to look like them! Happy childhood nevertheless is impossible without these babies.

Now then, here is a collection of my most-loved cartoon/anime (how are they different anyway?) characters  from the start until now that my body is  covered with tons of post-pubescent hair.

NOTE: The show/series may not be my favorite but the characters in it simply rock!

10. Spider Man

I was only able to watch this when we had access to cable tv (around 10 years old)

Why I like him/her: What makes this dude so endearing is his “friendly neighborhood” charm. Unlike the others (Super Man is from the superior alien race krypton, Batman belongs to the highly elite rich class [wow, triple redundancy], Wonder Woman has divine blood), Peter Parker represents the common people- his dilemma easily relatable with by anybody: passing college exams, being a good grandson and a boyfriend, and of course, saving the world.

Spider Sense! See, I can be black. Not racist.

09. The Dark Knight

No, I refuse to call him “Batman” (too grade school), or “Caped Crusader” (sickeningly corny). And don’t even start me with the “Dynamic Duo” if paired with Robin. With the advent of Chris Nolan’s adaptation, I began to develop a deeper sense of respect and admiration towards the Wayne heir.

Why I like him/her: Bruce’s story is anchored on his struggles- internal, deep, and conflicting. He fights evil while fighting his inner demons. He pacifies the Chaotic Gotham and at the same time, desperately searches for reconciliation with his past. He may not have super powers or mutant-like abilities but his wide knowledge of different martial arts (he specializes in ninjutsu) coupled  with his Mc Gyver-like ingenuity and ultra-high tech gadgetries, he is bound to kick ass.

See mine bats. No, that THAT bat.

08.  Dark Phoenix

Yes; the evil, power-obsessed, I-don’t-care whom-I-mess-with-who’s-sure-to-die-anyway, Dark Phoenix. Arguably the strongest mutant in the Marvel Universe, she eats a galaxy stars for breakfast, and another galaxy of stars for lunch and dinner.

Why I like him/her: No need to elaborate on this one: she is pure baaad and she knows it.

Baby, need some fire?

07.  Mukuro (Yu-Yu Hakusho series)

Mukuro what? Yu-Yu, the hell? Yep. An anime series I have loved and obsessed ( I still do). Watch it kids of this generation, WATCH IT!!!

Mukuro, Yomi, and Raizen- the three lords of the demon world.

One of the three rulers of the Makai (Demon) World, only a few knows the fact the Mukuro is a she. Her power is directly proportional to her rage (talk about anger management) At full potential, her power level (Japanese are soooo fond of measuring strengths) can rival that of Raizen.

Why I like him/her: Her ability (able to divide space- Whoah! Who does that!?) and her masked form (removing it just ruined her eerie aura, bummer.)

Masked Mukuro is waaay cooler.

06. Yoko-Kurama (Yu-Yu Hakusho series)

The human Kurama is lame. His demonic alter-ego is a total bad-ass. Not to mention preeetttyyy… silver long hair, golden eyes, cat ears, his plants that devour anything on its path, what can be cuter than that? He had very limited screen time though and I hated Kurama ultimately during the second Dark Tournament when pitted against Shigure for suppressing his demon form when he is about to take center-stage.

Why I like him/her: Suavely arrogant, hair is shampoo-commercial material. Embodies weed power!

Kurama and Yoko… more of like the Hottie and the Nottie.

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