Luuurv, 1

It’s happening. And you can’t believe it is.

You’ve seen this on MTV before. Girl and boy accidently bump onto each other; Things fly in midair and for a moment, you quite felt that time slowed. She frantically scours the ground recently wet with rain, trying to salvage any sheets that aren’t yet completely soaked while some papers are still suspended. You just stand- both stunned and amused.

She looks up at you, partly annoyed of your rudeness as not even attempting to offer assistance, and partly puzzled of your half-blank stare. You realize this and immediately apologize, picking up some drenched sheets and handing it over. She says you can just help her by throwing those in the bin- there’s already no use for them anyway. She casually says thanks and turns her back until she disappears to the sea of people. You look for a bin and just as you are about to dump the papers, you pause and try to examine the dissolved ink and smudged handwriting.

And there you found it- Her name.

It was just her first name and that’s all you know. But that’s all you needed, for now…

You try to play Serendipity. You’ve watched the Kate Beckinsale/John Cusack starrer-movie  once, found it cute, but never actually believed it since the world is too random for chance to occur more than once. Do the permutations and you’d get an extremely tiny fraction of a tendency for a replay— nevertheless you try to play Serendipity anyway.

A day had passed. You roam the streets in hopes for an encounter. Zero. Two, three, four days, a week, two, a month, three months- nothing still.

Then you start to leave the rest up to you. Chances might increase when coupled with human intervention. You search online, directories, acquaintances. You even watch the evening news regularly (who knows?) She is elusive though. She has no Facebook account, Google cannot track her down, none in your circle has ever heard of her. You hate to admit it. This is not you. This was never you. But you are becoming desperate.

You begin to ponder that maybe, that was the first and the last your paths would ever cross. If indeed it were true: Fate, Destiny, Kismet… that was how things are meant for the two of you- a fleeting happenstance and your lives should never intertwine again. Then you switch to randomness- if fortune would not allow, then it would be worth to count on to the million permutations of seeing each other once more. You won’t give up. You feel stupid. You don’t mind.

Two years had passed. You sit on a cozy coffee shop, your hand holding a book you have always had but had never attempted to read until now. You read a couple of pages… your eyes begin to wear and so you shift your stare at the window. The sky is rumbling, and it began to rain. You see outside a small boy who stumbles down and picks up his sheets of paper, frantically salvaging whatever’s left that could still be of some use. You release a hearty smile, this scene is all too familiar- the memory is still extremely lucid and that was two years ago. But you have already accepted reality. That even if the gods should connive to trick the Fates and have you meet— things would have been completely different this time. Will the passion be there still? Will she still have the very same face you fancifully stared across the flying papers while standing on the wet ground two years past? Was it even real in the first place?

“Hey there. Mind if I share this seat?” You wake up from your reverie. A woman is half-smiling, holding her cup of coffee, while pointing to where you rested your things- the only available chair in the room.

It was her.

It ends/begins in a coffee shop…



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