Did Feminism Really Blow It?

Who run the world???- NOT GIRLS.

When is “equal” really equal?

Many societies long before have lower regards toward women. That is a fact. They were so debased let me count the ways: they cannot vote, they cannot inherit, they cannot go to formal schools, they cannot run organizations, (and some cultures specifically those in Africa even forbid women to enjoy sex, therefore their *bleep*s are cut and sewn to a point that only urine can escape through it [Female Genital Mutilation/ FGM]) geez… I’ll just put an etc. and you may continue filling in the blanks (they cannot ___________). History has shown different cultures thinking that the XX’s were inferior in all aspects to the XY’s and clearly, this is NOT equal. It comes even to a point that a child conceived who happens to own a vagina is considered a curse. But time passes and as the dawn of modernization came and old beliefs were washed at time’s ebb…okay I’ll spare all the rhetoric and cut the chase. ‘Girl Power’ gained momentum and has aggressively asserted itself in the field of politics, economics, the entertainment industry, and even in the Arts.

Yeah. I sympathize with women who belong to societies disallowing them to have a voice, to prove that they’re more than domestic pets, and to create changes beneficial to the world. Men in these places are clearly deranged psychopaths who never got over with their childhood issues.

I did find these images and assertions of women struggling hard, liberating themselves, and bathing in the light of glory cute… at first. But these feminists attempted to do the unthinkable: they pushed the limit and went beyond the threshold. They now try so hard to prove that not only they can equal men but outclass them as well— That they are Valkyries in the battlefields who can decide the fate of humanity according to their better judgment. That they are better, smarter, and stronger than the male class.

Will it come to a point that the only distinction between a man and a woman is their genitalia? Is that the type of equality these feminists are seeking? When will they say that they are now “free from oppression?” Should the modern woman project this type of belief? Just how much girl power can the society tolerate?

I believe the universe had an order when it was created. Moons only shine when lighted by suns, planets travel on various orbitals preset by gravitational forces, stars have different alignments, cosmic heat and radiance. My point: Men and women WERE NEVER and WILL NEVER be equal. I now hear hisses, curses, and damn you’s. Nail-polished claws now begin to grow and eyes glare with a plucked, raised brow. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I would not even refer to the Holy Bible in justifying my claim. It would be too great an evidence (and I avoid using God’s words even if my cause is not in vain) for my, again, bitc#!ng and that I worry of causing too much psychological trauma to these women who, in their whole lives, were deluded  about female dominance.

Is this really your idea of women empowerment?

Men have always taken the front seat and for thousands of years, that has been the case. Who united Lower and Upper Egypt? Who ended the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in China? Who set out to conquer the whole of Europe, stretching even as far as India? Who were the greatest scientists? Politicos? Showbiz/Sports legends?

Allow me to spell M-E-N.

Sure, you can pit your Cleopatra, Margaret Thatcher, Marie Curie, and Angelina Jolie… but admit it. They still don’t stand a chance. As the quote goes “It’s a MAN’s world.” Is the world unfair? Since when did it become one in the first place?

What are you PMS-ing about, girls? Oh right, the nonstop mantra “We can also do what men do— even better!”, “Men are just brutes; it is we who really run things around here!”, The ranting goes on…

FACT: Men dominate this planet. Period. I am not being sexist nor gender biased. Use what you learned in elementary science and you realize that nature was engineered to be like that.

Be as it may, this truth does not answer the question of who is the better sex. After all, ascendancy over the other has never been the measurement of a person’s worth. Women have always been more inclined to things unimaginable to men. The stronger affinity towards nurture and care (If men were to carry their offspring for nine months, then the human race would have been wiped out ages ago.), Scientifically proven higher tolerance to pain (“Oh don’t be such a baby, Russel. Mary Grace has a tooth ache yet she went to school. You only hurt your pinky finger nail.”), Acuity to details, etc.

The balance of nature has never been about equality. It’s compromise, compensation, and cooperation that has continually propelled and sustained this realm. I do not say we go back to the prehistoric or dark ages where men were hunters and knights and women were cooks and floor scrubbers. That’s a total jackassery.  It all boils down to knowing what you are and what should you do despite the interchanging roles as the end of the day. You excel at one, you suck at the other- both men and women. Lines might have been blurred (blame irresponsible media and Gabriela) but there are still the impenetrable borders that define your basic elements as a man or as a woman.

Men, you want to command respect? Start growing some spine and balls- take responsibilities and stop being a bunch of a$$ho%es. Women, you demand chivalry? Be lady-like if you want to be treated like one: know your boundaries and your manners. But if you insist on your feminism you are utmost welcome not to be offered a seat and thus end up making sabit on the jeepney. Equality, right?


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