My Top Video Game Characters (part I)

I rarely play video games nowadays. Mainly due to the nature of my job which conflicts so much with the basic tenet of video game playing— to just sit for hours and hours, doing nothing but press the game controller with the occasional breaks (when you cannot control your bladder anymore and you have to pee, when your mouth is frothing due to hunger, and when your body totally shuts down  after days of fighting the urge to sleep).

I WAS a hardcore gamer before but was only limited to the PlayStation console. Also, I was big on RPG’s and strategy games with a few from the hack and slash genre. I am not really that knowledgeable nor much diverse in terms of gaming, nevertheless the following characters really made an impression on me. Either they look so cool, act so cool, or are just damn both.

10. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Series)

The first and the main protagonist of the Hideo Kojima masterpiece, Solid Snake is  a mercenary and a hardcore spy. Said to possess an IQ of 180 (not bad for a soldier, eh?) and a polyglot (he can speak at least SIX languages), he is the man “who can make the impossible, possible” since he was able to prevent a potentially disastrous nuclear warfare thrice by averting the stubborn incarnations of the Metal Gear.

Why I like him/her:

A no-bullshit character, Solid Snake doesn’t take things personally and never allows personal things to interfere with his missions. Suffice to say, he carries so much dignity in him (no wonder his character is un-deathable, producers just keep in yielding to fans’ clamor to bring him back in each new series), whether in combat, or with aspects with conflicting interests that would test his mettle as a soldier and as a human being.

Solid Snake- one of the greatest tactical/espionage characters ever created.
Good ol’ grampa Snake is still kickin ass!

9. Dante (Devil May Cry Series)

The son of Sparda, the legendary demon who betrayed the demon world to save humanity (really???). Dante is the younger of the two siblings, the other one being Vergil.

Why I like him/her:

His laid-back attitude and inability to give in to any sort of intimidation (even in the face of impossible odds) is just pure devilish. Not to mention his ultra cool moves with his sword and gun. He also has a wicked sense of humor, a trait pissing off most characters in the storyline, be it friend or foe (How he does it makes me feel cocky, too.)

His bravado is second to none.
Dante’s demon-form… still scorching hot.

8. Ayame (Tenchu Series)

One of the regularly occurring characters in the Tenchu series (the other being Rikimaru), Ayame is one of the three great ninjas of the Azuma clan (along with Rikimaru and Tatsumaru), aiding Lord Gohda, a powerful feudal lord, in his power wrestling with the other warlords to control Japan.

Why I like him/her:

She doesn’t really have a wicked sense of humor, but her tongue is indeed wicked (she is popularly known to have a “tongue as sharp as her blades”). She may be physically weaker than the two ninja boys but she outclasses the two as far as sheer talent is concerned (she was initiated in the ninja circle at age 14), and also the most cold-blooded.

Sing or I’ll slit your throat. Wait, sing or not— I’ll slit it anyway.
“It’s a beautiful night. You should be looking for a boyfriend, not playing with your dad’s weapon.”

7. Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

The son of Count Dracula (yep, his name is his father’s name spelled backwards- better indeed than being called Dracula Jr.), and a human girl named “Lisa”, this half-vampire half-human has been fighting alongside the Belmonts for countless ages in battling his father’s demonic forces.

Why I like him/her:

Hmmm… what’s not to like? A pretty boy/immortal who doesn’t dig human blood, and even saves them from the bad, big, good-for-nothing creatures of the dark?

Alucard- wayyyy cooler than Edward Cullen

6. Zack Fair (Final Fantasy Crisis Core)

The predecessor of Cloud Strife’s “Buster Sword” (and girlfriend???) and the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII- Crisis Core. He is also a first class SOLDIER and the first love of another FF-7 character, Aerith Gainsborough.

Why I like him/her:

While most guys root at Sephiroth as the man to beat, and girls scream for Cloud Strife or Squall Leonhart (FF XVIII), I would rather go for this guy with such an upbeat character (not the annoying hyperactive type), a surprisingly mysterious side, and an overwhelming sense of depth. He ain’t stereotyped and trying-hard-to-be cool, he is COOLNESS personified. The  perfect ladies’ man and RPG character (Did I not mention he also stands 6’3?).

A real ladies’ man.


7 thoughts on “My Top Video Game Characters (part I)

      1. Hahaha. Totally! OMG, I just agreed with you by killing one of video games’ most iconic character…. but who the hell cares? We love Zack Fair more!

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