Maybe It’s Time

There really comes a time when you should just stop, and without hesitating, end it once and for all.

You do not know why but you just cannot stop hurting each other. Always bringing out the ugliest of one another.  And no matter how many times you try, things are just not really working out. Not anymore.

But yes, the fire is still very much there. And no, you cannot imagine how is it going to be without him/her… yet things have already come to a point where the pain is too much to bear.

And so when you are alone, you will cry, definitely. You will cry to the point where your eyes become so swollen and hurt… and tears will still flow. You will incessantly think about him/her. Memories after all, are the only ones left when everything has gone. The happy times, the moments filled with love, childish promises, the wonderful kisses, the warm hugs, the smell, the smile… you will give a bitter smile, and all of these will make you cry all over again.

You will think about getting back. Reconciling. Promising to be better this time. Compromise… but you know that will never happen… things will just turn out to be the same again. You will fight, and fight you will until you cannot stand it anymore… and you are back to where everything started. You and he/she will never make things right…not this time at least.

Yet you know what you both have was real. This is something which only happens once in a lifetime. Not all people get the chance to experience a love this pure, strong, and overwhelming. There is no shallowness, no pretensions, no doubts. You get scared of not having this kind of love anymore for the rest of your existence because you can honestly tell to yourself that he/she is definitely THE one, the ONLY one for you.

But it really is over this time.

Because maybe you need to take another look at yourselves…

Maybe you need to grow first…

Maybe you need to give each other space…

Maybe you really aren’t for each other after all…


Maybe you need to leave the rest to fate…

This is one of the few things that you need to end… ending without ever turning back. Going back is useless. And moving forward will only cause unbearable pains, endless tears, struggles, regrets… but it is the only way to go.

And finally you decide to let go. The warm hugs, the wonderful kisses, the smiles, the love. And the thought of you not crossing paths again is killing you. But you will be strong. You will barely survive it but you will do it.

It is time to let go.

It is time to move on.

And then someday, someday, who knows… maybe…

Sometimes, moving forward requires not looking back. Ever.

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