I am not sure if I am being narrow-minded on this one— childish even… or just a plain bitch.

Although yeah, officially, as of now, I am  unfriending you.

It’s not that  that I don’t like you— because hell I do.

And that many actually thought we’re really bound to be good friends, and obviously, I did too.

It’s just because all this time, all this time I have been so real to you,   you were just being nice, professional, and saint-like— all this time.

I did say things that had offended you. You felt bad and you have all the right to.

But you said nothing and just acted like it was nothing big.

Still I shut the hell up for a moment because I knew I was a bit out of line— and then we go back to the way things were and have so much fun like we’re having the time of our lives— and then I hear people talking how bad have I been for saying such things to you.

You know I am a bit of a retard—- and I thought you got that.

You could have just said you were hurt, because really just for you to accept my apology, I will move heavens

You could have just shown you were mad, because really to reconcile I will sever my pride and make up for it — because that’s what real friends do… which you didn’t.

Because you said it’s not your nature to confront.

Because you think I’m in the position to compromise your job.

Because you believe that not telling in my face your issues with me and to others instead is the right thing.

Yet we have so much fun and laughter and good moments together— and these we have while you keep things from me.

Your acting is so good, now I look so bad.

You can genuinely smile and laugh with me— How do you do that, seriously?

And so, there. I guess I would have to let you be.

Everybody here likes you anyway. You’re much more likeable than I— and I am happy for you, really I am.

And I have only very few friends— but it’s alright. Because I can be true to them anyway. And they are more than enough.

I really am sorry for hurting you, I promise never to do it again— but it doesn’t change the fact that from now on.



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