Just when you began to finally put down your guard, risk being vulnerable, and decide to open yourself… your greatest fear happens.


You are suddenly ignored.


Your calls are never returned, text messages go unanswered. You feel betrayed. Just a couple of months you were pursued like you were his last chance for a happily ever after. But you knew your love doesn’t come cheap and that it should be earned the hard way. And there came the waiting, the chivalry, the persistence.  And when you were nearing the part of the fairy tale where the magical kiss happens- the major and the final prerequisite of the happy ending… you suddenly realize you are alone. After the dragon was slain, the evil queen vanquished, the evil step-sisters punished… this wasn’t formula.


You ask yourself questions: What went wrong? Did I do something? But you knew better. You nevertheless decide not jump into conclusions nor assume the worst. Maybe your happy ending with him just doesn’t want to be rushed. And you will wait. You will hope.

Weeks passed and still no word. You bump into each other one day by chance.



Your prince was with someone else— a princess from another fairy tale.


He smiles at you, and then casually asks a few questions like how you are and things you have been doing lately. He looks so innocent you begin to wonder if he is toying with you or had a selected amnesia where part of his memory with you on it has been deleted. You didn’t answer any of his questions. Your gaze shifted at the girl he was with.


You knew the possibility of this happening. Thing is, you were not as prepared as you think. It hurts like hell.


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