About the Blogger


The blogger is Dennis Basal Jr. He is also called Sir Dennis (by his students), Don-Don (at home), and Bitch (by his closest friends— and they alone).

He is a high-school teacher at the not-so-City of Pines-anymore, Baguio City.

He once dreamed to be an actor (but he doesn’t know how to cry without wrinkling every skin in his face and how to fake anger), a lawyer (but he had issues abiding policies), a writer (he never finished a single story. He would always kill all the characters even before the climax thus he never came-up with a single ending. Too late when he realized a story can have an incomplete plot— he had burned all manuscripts written in his TLE notebook), and a politician (he had dictatorial tendencies).

Somebody who has perpetually struggled to keep his sanity intact. Has not yet fully established his core values- what he can give and expect in return. Selfish. Awfully flawed. Never cool. Trying hard litterateur. Once eaten by paranoia as what others might say- now does not necessarily give a crap but… wait, he doesn’t give a crap. You may reach him in his email darkmagician_018@yahoo.com


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