When You Love

When You Love

Pride has no place if you truly love someone.

They say we should use our head each time we love… but doesn’t that contradict the very purpose of it?

When you love, you love.

All the good

All the bad

All the quirks

You embrace all of it

And love it

You do not choose

You do not impose

You do not demand

You do not count the wrongs

You do not ask so many questions

Because things will never be fair

Because it is all a risk

Because at some point, things will surely get confusing and ugly

Still we must be willing to take it

If in the end we end up hurt, lost, wounded

At the very least, we have loved

And that’s all that matters

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Krissy Returns!


10:30 AM Friday
November 9, 2012
Somewhere in Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City

OH, HELLO THERE!You look at me when I say hello there! There! Na-miss n’yo ‘ko ‘no? Aminin! Well, I’m baaaack. I’m here for an interview. I don’t know nga kung bakit wala pa si Heckler. Grabe, siya na ang nakiusap, siya pa ang late. Kaloka! Anyway, while waiting for him, let’s chat muna. This December, my film fest entry will… oh, he’s here. Gosh, you’re sooo late!

Sorry po, traffic.

It’s Friday! What do you expect? Hay naku! Darla, retouch muna nga. Be thankful kay Darla at sa KrisTV staff, naghintay sila. As in, they’re here for like 35 minutes na, promise.

Guys, thank you. Again, sorry Ms Kris. Shall we start?

So minamadali mo naman ako? Iba ka!

Nooo! No… take your time. Sorry po. How’s Bimby?

Close tayo? Helloooo.


Aha-ha-ha. Namumula ka!…

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It is such a shame that I only began to sink my teeth into this issue a few days before its fated day (tomorrow) in the senate. For quite some time, I was sitting on the fence mainly due to ignorance of the nitty gritty of the bill. Nevertheless I am glad to have come across this blog, where discussions are from people who have obviously been keen and perceptive as to the various issues surrounding this very controversial (understatement) proposal. My stand has been strengthened and I am grateful for all the astute ideas I gathered here. =)

Get Real Philippines

What, exactly, is the RH Bill intended to accomplish, and how does it improve on the existing conditions of the country? Disagreement with the RH Bill takes two basic forms. The first and most obvious is the moral objection of the Catholic Church. The second is an objection on practical grounds, that the RH Bill, despite its good intentions, is poorly-conceived: it fails to clearly define a problem to be solved and then offer effective solutions to that problem.

Making a judgment about any real or perceived moral hazard from the point of view of the Catholic or any other church is beyond my purview, but I will offer this observation: the RH Bill’s advocates have fallen into a fairly well-designed trap set for them by the Church leadership, and as a consequence are at serious risk of losing the debate in a moral context, if they haven’t already.


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the invisible thread that connects us all… impervious to the limitations set by time and space…

Another Wandering Soul

through the vastness of space
their voices echoed
for centuries,
past and present.

they never forgot
whether they were
men or women
old or young.

though forever apart,
they were never alone
as the connection of spirit
overcomes space and time.

and so they keep walking
the fragile bridges
through the mists of life
always looking
always longing
until they have proven themselves,
until they will finally be granted
some kind of peace.

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